New Members: What's Next?

Congratulations! You’ve just joined a dynamic group of agency leaders. We concentrate on helping each other grow our businesses and advance our own professional skills and leadership abilities. It is a collegial, fast-paced group of PR industry leaders. And it just may become your most important support group, if you’re like most of us.

But like any group, it can be challenging to edge your way into the stream of conversations, learning, discussions and friendships happening within Counselors at any given moment. We designed this web page to give you the running start you need to jump right in. 

We know the sooner you become active in Counselors, the more you’ll gain personally and professionally and the more you’ll contribute to making Counselors a success for everyone.


In order to receive emails from Counselors to stay informed of all programs and news, please update your PRSA profile now and select to receive Membership emails. 

Visit this site and subscribe (below) for frequent updates on professional development offerings like webinars, our blog, the opportunity to participate in our Forum and information about our premier event – the annual Spring Conference.

Join our Facebook group. It’s a place to talk and share with Counselors members and prospective members.

Reach out to your Executive Committee (ExComm) members when you have questions or want some help finding your place within Counselors. The ExComm leads, plans and oversees all the events and services of our section. ExComm members are eager to help new members build their network within the section. 

The Counselors section on PRSA’s MyCommunity allows you to put out a question to the entire membership and get either public or private replies. You can ask anything – hourly rates in a particular region, recommendations on measurement or other agency tools, legal issues, agency management issues, resource recommendations, etc. 


Our Spring Conference is not to be missed. It is what sets Counselors apart as it is specifically designed (by our members) to be the learning and networking experience that arms you with ideas, inspiration and intelligence to grow your business and yourself. It is intensive, fast-paced and dynamic – just like our members. We start sending information out about the conference up to six months in advance so you can make plans to present and/or attend. It is typically scheduled the first Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in May. Because it’s a member-planned event, we encourage you to get involved by volunteering to help plan it – that’s also a great way to get to know fellow Counselors.

Webinars are typically held once a month through most of the year. They are designed to deliver the same high-caliber learning experience we offer at the Spring Conference. They are always free to Counselors members. Past sessions are archived here.

We use our social channels and our blog to give members continuing opportunities to discuss the industry, trends and insight. It’s only as strong as the participation from individual members so we encourage you to join in and/or start discussions. It’s our ambition to be among the more high profile and knowledgeable voices within the public relations field.


give back

Help keep this vibrant section evolving to meet our members’ needs. One key way to do this is to volunteer on a committee. Not only will you learn and contribute to our services to members but it’s the one sure path to leadership within Counselors. Talk with an ExComm member to find out which committees would best fit your interests.

We are the voice for public relations agency leaders. Our members are among the brightest minds and most forward-thinking professionals within our industry. We consider it vital to pass on our knowledge and viewpoints. Want to help? Then contribute content to our social channels, blog and e-newsletter. To find out how, contact our Content or Marketing Chairs on ExComm.

What makes our Spring Conference as good as it is? It’s only as good as our presenters. Present at the annual conference and advance the learning of your fellow members. We need you! The call for presentations comes out about 6 to 7 months before the conference. So start planning what you can share – and then put in your application to present as soon as the call goes out.

It takes a special person to be accepted into Counselors. We find our own members are the best people to identify potential new members.  Recruit others you think would make good members – share in enriching and growing Counselors.

What’s the best way to improve Counselors? Offer your ideas and suggestions to ExComm members. 

Become a Friend of Counselors and your gift of $500 will allow us to conduct year-round learning opportunities and enhance programming at the Spring Conference. Find out more from the Sponsorship Chair on ExComm.


Why am I not hearing from you people? 

A: You won’t hear from us unless you tell PRSA you’ll accept emails. Log onto your PRSA membership account (MyPRSA) and check the box to receive emails. If that doesn’t solve your problem, please contact the Membership Chair on ExComm as soon as possible to get further help. 

Is there more to Counselors Academy than Spring Conference? 

You bet! And you access most via our website: our blog, monthly webinars, updates from our President, our social channels, year-round volunteer opportunities, etc.

How do I volunteer or get more involved in running Counselors? 

ExComm has a number of standing committees and new members are always welcome. They run the gamut from Conference to Membership to Programming to Marketing to Social to Sponsorship committees. This can be a path toward leadership positions within Counselors. Contact any committee chair or other member of ExComm to learn more.

I need help! How can I get some? 

To the rescue… contact a member of ExComm. You may be directed to one of PRSA’s staff members to further assist you.