Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines for the CAPRSA Blog

The Counselors Academy PR News and Trends blog is directed at the leadership of small to mid-size independent communications agencies who seek to grow their businesses and stay ahead of the changing PR landscape.

We are interested in guest contributions that provide expert information and actionable advice on the every day challenges (and solutions) of running an agency. :

  • Share templates on “how it’s done”

  • HR

  • Legal issues

  • Financials

  • Time-saving productivity tools

This is a place to converse and debate amongst friends and colleagues. We are looking for smart, thought-provoking pieces, not promotional material.

If you have a topic idea that fits the above mission, please submit the idea via email to 

Submission Checklist

  • Voice - interesting and conversational. Eliminate the jargon and corporate speak.

  • Do you leave the readers with something to think about and discuss in the comments?

  • Is there a takeaway for PR professionals? What do they get out of your post?


  • Word count: 500 - 900

  • Please send as a word, text only, embedded in email, or html filtered document. (no PDF’s)

  • Include links to any sources, names (twitter handles if appropriate) and companies. 

  • Format for easy online reading by people with short attention spans; with short paragraphs, subheads, and bullet points when appropriate.

  • Include your headshot or other image at 200 by 200 pixels. Don’t worry, we can resize it if you can't.

  • Bio of two-to-three lines with a link to your Twitter handle, your blog/company, in your bio. We do allow relevant links to your content in the body of your post.

If your post doesn’t meet the guidelines above, we may bounce it back to you for revisions. We reserve the right to decline it altogether.

Please note: We edit, sometimes more than others, and may change the headline.


We ask that your article not be published elsewhere previously, or simultaneously without our knowledge. If you’d like to re-purpose your post on your own blog, please wait at least 14 days to do so, and please provide attribution and a link to your original post.


We ask that your articles be submitted five days prior to your scheduled run date in order to handle the editorial process. Sometimes the scheduling may change if we receive a timely post that we want to run right away. We will let you know if that should happen.


Please check back to see if you have had any comments, so you can respond. Or, we might send you a reminder if you get something.