Any senior agency leader who has attended a Counselors Academy Spring Conference or engaged in a conversation on the CAPRSA Facebook page knows the satisfaction of having found people who “speak their language,” have experienced similar challenges, and oftentimes have similar goals of growing their revenue, client base and staff.  The exchange of ideas and best practices with your industry peers is one of the most powerful benefits of membership in Counselors Academy.  

And it’s in that spirit that we bring to you, the “CAPRSA Agency Exchange,”  designed to connect CAPRSA members who are looking to improve and grow their agency.  This is an “exchange” in whatever manner works best for both agencies involved. It does not necessarily mean agencies should only interact with the requirement of “exchanging site visits;” it can also be an exchange of ideas, best practices, and war stories. If those are best done while on site at one or agency or the other, so be it. If those are best done simply through a phone call or GoToMeeting, so be it.  

The approach is simple:

  1. Complete the form below in as much detail as you are willing to share. (Please note: other members will have access to this spreadsheet)
  2. When you hit submit, new instructions will appear on this screen with next steps and a link to review other agency submissions.
  3. Schedule a visit or arrange a phone call.
  4. Let us know how it went with photos to include here on the blog. Please submit photos and recap to with the subject line: "For Counselors Academy" or you can tweet the photo @caprsa.
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